“My session with Carole was fabulous and went way beyond my expectations. She gave me information I have been searching for, for a long time. It was so important to me to get answers. She was helpful and encouraging. I never dreamed the session with her would be so great.”
– Sue Herwig

“The reading with Carole Tollen was amazing! What a down to earth person—and the reading was practical and right on target.”
– Neve

“My session with Carole Tollen today was one of the best readings ever. From the minute I sat down until the end of my time, she was right on target with everything she said. The clarity of the pictures she “saw” of my family and friends was spot on and filled me with wonder.”
– Pauline

“I had a wonderful hour with Carole Tollen. I enjoyed her humor, her empathy, and her loving spirit. I left feeling uplifted and joyous.”
– Pamela Wojtusik

“After my psychic reading with Carole, I was left feeling empowered and filled with love and numerous possibilities. Carole is a bright light born of this earth to shine the truth of love and this is what she does.”
– Jane

“By far Carole Tollen is ONE of the best psychics on the planet. I met her over 18 years ago and still to this day she brings the right information to me so I can make decisions about my life.”
– Janet Cook

“I love working with Carole Tollen. Her intuitive abilities to see possibilities serve as both inspiration and as a warning. She was 100% on target both times I sat with her. Anyone who has had a session with Carole always walks away healed in one way or another. “
– Marilyn Kleinberg, Executive Manager eWomenNetwork Southern New Jersey

“I met Carole on the “Psychics at Sea” cruise. I received a beautiful 30 minute reading from her. Carole has a Loving and Enthusiastic energy. She speaks totally from her Heart, and lives every moment with Passion and Integrity. People are magnetically drawn to her.
– Rickie Freedman

“Carole is a gifted psychic who shares her insights with love and empowerment. I was amazed by her accuracy!”
– Djuna Wojton, Author of Karmic Healing

“When I first went to see Carole myy marriage, business and life were suffering. Just sitting down and talking with you eased my mind. You saw things that I couldn’t. You gave me hope and faith that was lacking so very much. I walked out of our meeting with a new sense of myself and what I can offer the world. Now everything is back on track and I have to say for the first time in a very, very long time, I’m happy.”
– David Haines

“Carole is the complete package! She can work with you as a psychic, a tarot reader and guide you safely through past life regressions. I use her with my recovery coaching clients to work out issues from their past lives that can’t be touched by therapists or by conventional means. Carole is a gift!”
– Melissa Killeen, Recovery Coach

“Carole is warm and caring. She made me comfortable and relaxed. She completely amazed me by telling me things about each of my children that she could never have known, characteristics and circumstances even some close friends are unaware of. This was followed by a her describing my late father to a “T” and delivering what I know to be an authentic message from him.”
– Dr. Ron Parente