Psychic Parties

2015-03-24 17.10.2330 Min. Readings (Min. of 5-7 ppl.) 3 hrs. $100 per person ($100 deposit required)

15 Min. Readings (Min. of 10-13 ppl.) 3 hrs. $60 per person ($100 deposit required)

Psychic parties are fun for all of your guests. Some events are: Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Bridal Showers. For large groups, Carole offers an approx.15 minute reading for each of your guests.

Hosting a Psychic Party in your home is a unique, illuminating and memorable way to spend time with family, friends or co-workers!  It’s also a wonderful idea for your Special Event: Birthday Party, Bridal or Baby Shower, Graduation Party, Anniversary Party, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Holiday Party…you name it! Your guests will love the event and talk about it for a long time to come.

Psychic Parties are available for all groups and special occasions:

* Personal Friends
* Co-Workers/Company Parties
* Wedding Receptions
* Showers
* Birthdays
* Graduations
* Anniversaries
* Family Gatherings
* Surprise Parties