Comedian Medium

Carole’s Comedian Medium Show is conducted with a audiences of all sizes and people receive their enlightening readings in front of the group. She moves about the audience to share information as loved ones come through. Carole has the unique ability to make people laugh while simultaneously receiving important and comforting information about their deceased loved ones.  She makes every effort to divide the time as equally as possible, but some spirits can have more to say than others.


Psychics see things which are beyond the normal range of the known five senses. Carole looks at the energy she sees around the current issues or questions that you bring to the reading.


Carole has a special gift that allows her to see loved ones who have Crossed Over. She receives messages from them and shares those messages in a humorous and uplifting manner, providing comfort to the receiver that helps them come to terms with their loss.

Psychic Business Consultant

Carole is available for individual business consulting. In this day and age of uncertainty in the business sector, stock market and most business applications, guidance is becoming more and more needed.

Empowerment Coach

Carole can lovingly empower you to help improve your quality of life and career.  She gives you the tools needed to simply live the best life for you.

Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic)

Carole taps into the universal language of all species through telepathic communication with animals. She has a unique ability to understand your pet and his/her problems.

Medical Intuitive

Carole uses her intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition.  She “sees” inside a situation and what happened to cause it, then Carole provides information on what needs to be done in order to recover.  When a physical ailment has been uncovered, It is recommended that the receiver follows up with a physician.

Energy Clearings

Like people, homes, buildings, land and vehicles pick up and hold energies of events in and around them. They continue to radiate those energies until cleared. Clearing this material can make a huge difference in the quality of life of owners and dwellers. Carole was taught by a Lakota Indian Chief.